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Ageing is a fact of life and is a natural process that we all go through to a greater or lesser extent, which is affected by lifestyle factors as well as hereditary factors. We start to lose volume in our faces in our thirties.

The good news is that the latest anti-ageing treatments can offer phenomenal results it will help revitalise and rejuvenate by replacing volume loss and softening lines and wrinkles.


Many of us have a facial characteristic with which we may not be entirely satisfied. It could be something that is not in balance with the rest of your face or that simply lacks structure, for example, flat cheekbones, a weak chin or jaw, or thin/flat lips.

The latest non-surgical treatments offer a variety of solutions to improve these problem areas to achieve a better balance and proportions to the face.

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Men’s skin care is one of the fastest growing areas in the UK, with more men than ever, having discovered the benefits of cosmetic injections.

Many male patients want their treatment to look natural, and this is our speciality. Likewise, we recognise that there are fundamental differences between male and female facial anatomy and we adapt treatments accordingly. We are aware that each individual has individual requirements.

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Dermal Fillers Used

At Bella Aesthetic Clinic Wigan we use advanced techniques and clinically proven products for our range of treatments like Anti-Wrinkle, Tear Trough, Non-surgical rhinoplasty, Jawline & Chin enhancements, Lip enhancement, jowls and Marionette and Cheek Enhancement.

The Bella Aesthetic Clinic Wigan only uses tried and tested brands such as Teoxane and Juvederm.

All these fillers are proven to be dermatologically safe and biodegradable, so the filler is broken down and disposed of the body naturally over time (they are also FDA approved and contain no animal or human-based proteins).

Side Effects

There are some side effects as is the case with all injectable related procedures. These include redness, swelling and occasionally bruising, however, there are no serious side effects and these reactions tend to reside after a couple of days.